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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dressed in White

It is the middle of november and I started wondering when winter would kick in here in Iceland. Little did I know what would be greating me on my way to work around five this afternoon. I can only explain it with whiteness. I could not see the streets and the cars were driving something like 20 kmh -knowing Icelandic driving habbits, it is pretty out of the ordinary. One asks for a little bit of snow...
But I always love the first snow, I dress really warm and out I go,rolling in the snow, watch the trails of my footsteps and enjoy the sparkle. The trees look so beautiful, every branch is covered with a layer of white snow and everything looks so clean. The good thing in Iceland during winter is that if you get stuck in the snow while driving ... you just wait and in no time some relative, friend or family member will pass by.
Snow, the smell when you peel an orange and a starlit sky...well, bring on christmas!

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At 00:40, Blogger Biene said...

Mammy says:
Xmas seems to be overwhelmingly in the air. Ok, it is the 16th of november, it is allowed. I started knitting xmas socks in august. So, children, have fun, but I w'ant roll in the snow with you. Will I?

At 10:13, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

I'm so jealous... we haven't had the first layer of snow here yet but I can't wait because it always makes me feel more Christmassy!! Have you seen the film White Christmas?.. I always watch it every December and get in the Christmas spirit with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney! Ah not long now... P.S. I heard the other day that Stollen is purely a Northern Germany and Eastern Germany Christmas thing and in the South they have more cookies and stuff like that... I thought it was a general German thing. You will have to tell us about German Christmas traditions to clear up the confusion!!

At 11:54, Blogger Kolbrún said...

I was about to send the kids to bed just before 9 last night when my daughter asked if she could go out in the backyard. I started to deny but instead dressed us all up and we went outside and made snowangels and lay in the snow looking at the stars... such a magical moment. Just imagine, we get to experience this every year. The first snow - it's like if we got to experience the first kiss every year with the same partner if you know what I mean. I love mother nature on days like these. AND I miss the first kiss - upside about being single is knowing that I get to experience it again.

At 15:24, Blogger Jen said...

Oh you make me miss the snow so much! I used to live in Vermont when I was young. But here in North Carolina, we get rain or ice, not much snow. My husband and I are going to Asheville for the weekend after Thanksgiving, a wonderful little town in the mountains. Maybe we will have a little snow magic there for our romantic getaway.

A little note of interest about Asheville: The Vanderbilt family of "robber baron" fame had built a huge mansion on hundreds of acres of land there. It is now an Inn with tours of the home and grounds; there is a man-made lake with a waterfall, gorgeous gardens, and a huge greenhouse with several wings. Apparently there is a decent restaurant at the Inn. We are staying at a Bed & Breakfast nearby though; we like things more cozy, and the B&B has a wood-burning fireplace. Yum!

At 22:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's snowing here too, but I didn't have this feeling about the first snow because when I woke up I had like allways not much time. I had to run out to reach the bus and I hadn't even been looking out of the window. I met the snow freezing kold everywhere and I hadn't even had time to put on enough clothes.
Peace and love from Mailis


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