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Friday, October 22, 2004

Reading a great book:

The Da Vinci Code is a fabulous book I recommend to anybody who enjoys a little bit of mystery. I started to read yesterday after work and I have to force myself to put it down in order to get some sleep or even go to work...never felt so " fake sick" as I did this morning. I haven´t even opened my computer in the last 40 hours and that must be some kinda record.

To stimulate your taste buds: About the Symbolism of the Eiffel Tower
" Symbologists often remarked that France - country renowned for machismo, womanizing, and deminuitive insecure leaders like Napoleon and Pepin the Short- could not have chosen a more apt national emblem than a thousand-foot phallus." (p.17)

On a slightly different note: Does anyone have any idea how to get some information about the
Love is.... cartoons on the internet. Please share!!! I can not find anything and they are so famous.

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At 09:11, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

You are the third person now to recommend this book, so I am hoping I can borrow it when I come!!! I had a quick look on the net for stuff on the Love is... comic and this is what i found... it's probably not what you were looking for but there it is: http://www.comicspage.com/loveis/

At 11:38, Blogger Kolbrún said...

Hi. I read the Da Vinci Code last easter and was as equally hooked as you are now. Must say I was a little disappointed by it in the end ... ;)
This is what I found about Love is... didn't look too hard either.


At 15:05, Blogger Minka said...

I have returned! I finished the book about two minutes ago and I rejoin with delight the other world of the written word...the internet!
Thanx for checking out teh Love Is.... both sides were of tremendous help.
I really liked the ending of the book, I had different expectations inthe beginning, but after reading it I feel that a different ending would be to pretentious. What in particular did you not like? Was it too emotional in regard to the magnitude of the secret itself???
I can only say that I enjoyed the chase!!!
But we should not discuss this on the internet...soem people might still wanna read it...

At 15:17, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Good, you're back... I was missing you!! Yes please don't give too much away because I wanna read it too!

At 23:01, Blogger Kolbrún said...

I guess it was probably just the disappointment of the book being over. I was so caught up in it and when I finished it I didn't know what to do next. I get that feeling very often when something I've been enjoying has to end, be it a movie, a book, or simply a nice chat with a friend. Like how much did we look forward to the teaching degree and now I got it. I find it almost unbelievable. AND I got a job teaching English after Christmas. FYI in case you've not read my blog lately.

At 07:42, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

You got a teaching job... congratulations babe!! Where?

At 16:48, Blogger Minka said...

Lisa, Kolba got a teaching job: not I. It would be nice though...but soemone´s gotta finish ones BA first :)
Congratulations Kolba!!!

At 18:03, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

ok, totally missed Kolba's name... congratulations to Kolba instead!1 :-)


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