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Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Olympic Games vs. Guinness World Records
You all have heard people complain about time being limited. There is just so much to do every single day, that we have problems fitting it all in. I followed the Olympic Games as much as I could and am always amazed at those physical abilities people have, their discipline and devotion to sports. Now...watching Guinness World Records for the third time in my life I am just as blown away. I always leave the television set totally confused. What kinda person do you have to be to even figure out those stupid challenges. How many clothepins can you stick to your facial area, how many inches can you throw an object using your earlobe as a catapult and most of all: how many gramms of shrimp can "Regis the duck" eat out of its´ owner´s mouth in a minute? Surely these people must have to much time on their hands. But praise the Lord...we have Guinness judge Michael Feldman who makes sure that all sizes, materials and stage settings have not been tempered with! For the record: I am Monika and a silly person for watching!

Posted by Minka :: 6:09 pm :: 4 Royal Subjects

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At 17:22, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

Holy Odin, Monika you need to stop watchin' that shit ! I swear I feel a little dumber for even reading about it! Do you want your little brain to turn into Hüttenkäse , Hmm ,Hmm do Ya, do YA? How about holding the record for shooting milk outta' your eye further than anyone! Holy burnin' hell, shootin' milk out your eye!!!
If i lived next door to that turd brain I would get up bright and early everyday just to I could run over and beat the livin' shit outta' him, just so he would know just how friggin' disgusting that is. Then you could call me Der WikingKönig, and
das Übel Kobold Zerstörer!!! Oh My Lord, I totally friggin' Rule !!!

At 19:28, Blogger Minka said...

Shooting milk out of your eye! I did not see that one. How about the biggest bubble blown through the nose? I mean really, how can people come up with these things? I thought you would be impressed with the record of opening beer cans with teeth!

At 20:31, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

No self respecting Viking King would dare drink the "Nectar of the Gods" from a
pathetic can. I'm going to market my own Dark German Dopplebok that comes in a huge lided steer horn! At least you can smack some moron over the head with it ,once your good and sauced! Ever try knockin' out some monkey brained thug
with a stinking aluminum can, not good!!

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