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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I am not exactly talking about my hair, but since we started: I have never had a haircut I think. It just grows and occasionaly I cut the last cm of it. It just falls the way it falls. The last 27 years have endured it, so I am not about to do something new. Besides, fashion is constantly changing and I do not want to be "so last week"...I prefer "so last century".
However, riding the bus today I relaized that lately the fashion has become very Beatles-like here in Iceland. That made me wonder...maybe it is just that the winter is around the corner and people feel they have to aquire some sort of furr to keep warm. Maybe there is just so much you can do with hair and every 50 years and old hair style has to resurface. What troubles me with the whole thing is that I can not see people´s faces entirely and it is just strange to be looked at through a bunch of too long hairs. Creepy!

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At 18:07, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Yeah it's like people who wear sunglasses all the time... it's horrible if you can't see someone's eyes... they are after all the windows to the soul. I will never forget the shaved head craze in Iceland... and I'm talking about the women... it seemed everyone was getting it done... it must have been 94 or 95... luckily that one seems to have well and truly died...

At 10:59, Blogger Kolbrún said...

So the topic today is haircuts! Funnily enough I went out last Saturday night and after looking at a lot of girls with short bangs but not even, long in the back "sítt að aftan" kind of thing I said to my friend, WoW, are they gonna laugh when they look back at pictures from this time.

At 11:03, Blogger Minka said...

long in the back gives me the shivers...Germans have it a lot, but it is not new, it has been there all the time and they think it is really cool. I believe each and every one of my sibling had one! The only time I truly value the scissors is when I get back home...


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