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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Couples and television: TV 1

Not an easy topic to discuss. Despite the most apparent thing that we want to watch totally different films, shows and soaps; there are additional struggles about one of life´s greatest invention (apart from chewing gum!).
Whenever we watch a film, my boyfriend manages to interrupt at the most interesting part and tell me something. That ends in me giving him a look of total puzzlement, ignoring him or telling him I am watching. He in return will just be upset that I am not answering or wonder about my rude comment and start counting the days of the month and figuring I must be on my period. Now: as a girl, I am interested in when people talk together, or when the girl finally gets the guy and they chat for the first time. I need to hear every word and interpret their body language. That is my kick! The boyfriend I guess has already at the beginning of the film figured out that ´girl ends up with guy´, once they do he will think "oh I am right" and the film is over for him!!!
And about the remote! I am sure all of you are familiar with the picture of the guy getting home from work, he turns on the telly, sluggers into the sofa and zaps through all the channels possible. Now, what is that all about? Are they thinking the remote has suddenly turned into a spear and they are hunting again and have to hit everything that moves? No ladies: men do not want to know what is on telly, they want to know what else is on telly.
The perfect picture of Heaven for a man? A sofa, many remotes, all toilet seats are up and somebody else is taking out the garbage!

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At 18:22, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Well this all boils down to the difference between our two species in general... I sometimes wonder whether we were built so differently as some sort of elaborate experiment to see how much we can take before we crack! But I have to admit that I have also been known to flick through the channels to see what else is on... in fact, quite regularly... perhaps it's less about sex and more about being commitment phobic!! ;-)

At 20:46, Blogger Kolbrún said...

Ahh, I miss having a boyfriend to be pissed at or well to have differences with ;)

At 00:12, Blogger Minka said...

Kolba...be careful what you wish for!!!
Lisa...commitment phobic??? What do you mean?

At 10:07, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Oh I just meant commitment phobic... not wanting to settle on one particular channel... I'm often being told this about myself... I always say when we find the right person, commitment follows! :-)

At 13:03, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

It's just that men ,being the awesomely superior beings that we are, always are thinking in the back of our minds , "Hey this show is good , but I know there is something even better on that I'm missing! " sort of the same thing that we do with our women. Now women on the other hand are far to happy just to be watchin' anything at all, so they are afraid to change the channel, just like they are with there men. Now that I've had to bestow my some of my Omniscience on you poor creatures, My Viking King intellect has tired of your empty headed drivel, I'm off to have an actual intelligent conversation with another man.

At 13:12, Blogger Minka said...

Well enjoy that conversation, Johnny...I am sure it will have to do with exaggerating of sizes! Like the fish you caught last weekend, the number of times you can ´do it´ per night and stuff like that! If my thoughts tire you so much you should just avoid reading my blog!!!
However, and I do not belief I am saying this, I do think men should have conversations with each other and women with other women...better that way!

At 16:01, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

Well, to be honest out of the very few short exchanges we have had with each other, you are the only one to have mentioned anything about "sizes" of body parts, and not once but twice. Now I realize that you might suffer from some fixation on the subject, so l will excuse your indecorous behavior. I also realize that someone with a very narrow minded viewpoint, might try to boil all of mens' lingual interactions with one another down to 1 or 2 topics, but surely you do not really believe such nonsense, but then again I've read some of your other opinions. I certainly hope you would try to expand your understanding of the male psyche in the furture before making such inane comparisons, you are right on one thing though ,women should diffenitly talk to other women, every now and then I actually paid attention to my girlfriends talking with there friends and I would much rather prefer a running drop kick, right in my crotch. Whoops, I said "crotch" ,now the score is 2 to 1, but your still ahead, my little German tart.

At 18:01, Blogger Minka said...

Oh!!! I have been repetitive? Bugger!!! Next time I will think before I write something. It is just that until now you haven´t shown any side to your character that allows me to assume that you´ve got more to offer. Talking about repetitive: Have you ever read your blog?
You are probably a great, smart and funny guy that hides behind all this mysogynist crap. and you are allowed to do so, just not on my site. Now, I would appreciate it if you could drag your greatness away from my blog and share your opinions elsewhere.

At 16:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is certainly not true of all men. Honestly... I mean, I am not like that... I always manage to watch any girly film to the end, and, most of the time, enjoy it. I mean the point is not to guess the ending. If one does that, one just miss the point. Most of the time, one is here to enjoy a film, not to make something profound out of it. (if there is really something profound to be understood and discussed, one might just as well do the discussion after the film.) some people just have such solid mind. They tend to pretend to understand something even before they see the whole picture. And when they make up their mind, geez, there is no turning around.


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