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Monday, October 18, 2004

Christmas cards...football...and being stood up!!!

This is a look into Monika´s life on a weekend.
Saturday and Sunday: work at Grund from 8.00-16.00. Be yelled at, screamed at, confused with or hit. On coming home encounter the boyfriend attached to the TV set. Since Skjá Einn has decided to show all the games in the English Football League, my boyfriend is very busy. Three games a day means that he was infront of the box from 12 til 18.30. God bless. Luckily I was working and there is a sentence I never thought I´d say! In the beginning I tried to compete with the whole soccer idea, but I realized if I would say: "Honey, it is either me or football", he would reply: "I am sure gonna miss you, baby!". The only other option is to actually use this time and do something for myself, see friends or catch up on my correspondence...if I want to piss him of I´d go and see a guy for coffee! This time I decided to get started on my christmas cards and I had so much fun with myself that I could make a habit of it :)
Talking about seeing someone for coffee...this weekend I was also stood up, because my coffee date overslept! Usually I would be furious, after all it was two o´clock in the afternoon, but I know this person so well that I am sure there was no ill intention. So I had overprized coffee and a roll for like 700KR and watched the dugs swim by.
But then on Sunday...life changed...I was lost and almost crying...my laptop did not want to speak to me. The screen was just black, but the computer itself running...I tried everything (including giving it a very decisive slap on its keyboards!)...but my computer is not a fan of the tough love...darkness greeted me. This morning I went and got it fixed...now that I am back with my social life I feel a whole lot better.

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At 12:09, Blogger Kolbrún said...

Good to have you back. Missed you yesterday :)
Yes, Mon I'm proud of you for deciding not to compete with the soccer thing - you are an independent individual even though in a relationship and you use that time for yourself like you obviously did.

Something more people need to figure out for themselves that being in a relationship doesn't mean you become a siamese-twin with your significant other. What I miss the most is having an adult with me in the kithcen and in bed ;)

At 12:44, Blogger Minka said...

You are right. And I have discovered the computer, blog, web page side of life. Now I can occupy myself intensely. He does his thing and I mine. Life is great, as long as he does not jump off his couch as soon as the games are finished and asks me: "What´s for dinner?"

At 13:28, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

You've started your Christmas cards?? I haven't even started my Christmas cards... so this means that I'm actually late in starting... I have to say though that nothing inspires me to start my Christmas cards at the moment because cards in this part of the world are just naff, so I'm thinking of making my own this year. Why do men have to watch EVERY football match that's on?... isn't one enough?... I mean I like a good football match as much as the next girl but really... 90 minutes out of your life a day is more than enough... but 3 matches a day... can he even walk after that?

At 14:14, Blogger Minka said...

I know!!! He supports one team and I totally understand that he wants to watch that game. But he has to watch all the others as well, because he needs to see how well or good the other teams are, to predict the next games and calculate the numbers and stuff. But I have to defend my boyfriend! If I ask him, he will not watch a football game and we spend time together. He is really nice, not that people start to get a different idea. With a girl it is just that she wants to be asked, pursued and being spent time with. WE do not like asking for it!!!

At 15:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, sorry. I am the bastard. Didn't mean to, as you know. You know me and oversleeping....

At 02:43, Blogger Ásgeir said...

Overslept at 2'o'clock? Sounds like me but I wasn't supposed to meet you for coffee. That I know of ... But perhaps I should get in touch with said oversleeper so we should visit cafés at a proper hour ...

At 10:36, Blogger Minka said...

The two of you woull have a great time I am sure. What would you suggest would be the proper time for a coffee?

At 17:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mamma says:
CHRISTMAS CARDS???? Where did eastern go?? And I will NOT, I repeat Not, give a comment on "me or sokker" and I have been married for 34 years. And I love giving comments.


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