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Friday, October 01, 2004

Batman on the balcony...

I don´t know how many of you have seen the headlines of that crazy dad up on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. he was showing a banner advertising fathers´ rights to see their own children. It is a movement that is taking Europe. Divorce is a very traumatic experience for any child, but parents face their challenges, too. In our societies, however, it is the father that gets the short end of the stick between the two grown ups. Still today the legal system shows a preference of placing a child with its mother, even though they are supposed to be gender neutral. A suit usually involves the father trying to dig up so much dirt on the mother that would pronounce her incapable of raising a child. Then, and only then, the father will be considered the primary care giver. Why is that?....some old tradition rooting in our minds about women as moms and housewives? If equal rights is what our society is striving for than it should be on child raising as well.
According to TIME: In Germany and France joint custody has become the legal norm, yet over 85% of the children stay with their mothers. In Italy, mothers get custody in 90% of the cases (ok, they still have the classic syndrome of mamma-boys!), but in Britain it is 93%! Visitation rights are so few and far in between and do not give fathers the opportubity to develop an emotional and meaningful relationship. And if the ex-wife is very pissed she will just make excuses or even relocate.
There are many cases where mothers are indeed the better choice and fathers should be banned from coming even within the vicinity of the child...but the media has presented us with numerous cases where single mothers did unspeakable things to their children.
Woman have had their fights over the last decades, males should be allowed the same liberty. We do live in a society of social change and gender lines have become blurred...at least we should give each sex an equal opportunity to plead their best case...after all: "whatever is in the best interest of the children".

Posted by Minka :: 1:23 pm :: 9 Royal Subjects

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At 13:50, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Here Here!! Very well said babe and I totally agree... and I actually know of a case in Iceland where this happened... according to my source (she says with the authority of a legal professional) this was the first case in Icelandic history where custody was awarded to the father and he was only given custody after the mother had been declared mentally ill, so this is indeed right that it takes a severe and convincing argument to allow the father custody in most cases. When two professional working people of equally sound mind who both love their children are forced into a legal battle over custody, I don't think the father would stand a chance, which is pretty appalling by today's standards and I think more men should take a stand... actually Sir Bob Geldof had a similar experience as the man in Buckingham palace and I understand that he is very much involved in this struggle... mind you, all that said, we are still waiting for certain professions to acknowledge that women deserve the same salary as men for doing the same job and that not every woman is a risk to an employer because she's going to run off and have a baby as soon as her biological clock is ticking!

At 14:14, Blogger Minka said...

I am not saying that the women´s right movement has been finished and that everything is equal(like pay)...just that we all should have equal chances to fight for the things we most desire(and not have a legal system stop us due to old fashioned ideas), despite our gender.

At 18:51, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Of course you're not saying that babe... who said you were?

At 21:44, Blogger Minka said...

Just wanted to clarify my point...was not a comment to your comment babe.

At 08:36, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

By the way... Operation Board Game is under way!! Will make contact when said Game has been located... over! ;-)

At 15:48, Blogger Minka said...

Roger that...over and out!

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