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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The leafs are getting colour, the wind is blowing, people are dressing in thicker clothes....yes, autumn has arrived. Autumn, is a period of time in Iceland that would give the word season a heartache. It lasts a couple of days. One morning you wake up and the outside is decorated in colour-varieties of green, red, yellow and brown. Then you blink... and it´s all gone. I am feeling a little blue today so I would just like to mention that the cold, harsh and- most important of all - long winter is ahead of us. If it wouldn´t be for Christmas I would now take a long nap until spring. By the way, isn´t it about time that Smáralind and Kringlan put their christmas decoration out? They always do it earlier every year. And by the time we have finally reached christmas the whole christmas feeling is gone and we go something like...oh! yet another christmas tree to be put up...where did I put the lights from last year? Bugger!

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