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Friday, September 03, 2004

Kolbrún´s entry made me somewhat curious. So I checked www.mannanofn.com and searched for my boyfriend´s name. The result was that nafnið Tryggvi "er leitt af lýsingarorðinu "tryggur" sem merkir trúr, -traustur ". I like that. There are 469 which carry the name Tryggvi as their first name and 163 as their second name. Not so many...not strange really, since the name is almost unpronouncable.
However, strangely enough, I checked his entire name "Tryggi Þór" and ... nothing! There is nobody in Þjóðskrá under that name construction!!! Whom am I dating?
For the fun of it I also checked Monika, only to be surprised that there are in fact 67 Monikas in Iceland and 13 who have Monika as their second name. Can´t be all foreigners?!
On a German page I found out that Monika was very popular in the 1940s-1960s, but has since than decreased in popularity. The top ten for 2004 in Germany:
1. Lina
2. Hanna/Hannah (my mothers name)
3. Anna
4. Lea/Leah
5. Marie
6. Leonie
7. Sara/ Sarah
8. Lena
9. Lisa
10. Lara
I see a clear preference for names beginning with "L". But I can agree to these names, they are all nice. However when I got to the selection of boy names I was stunned.
1. Tim
2. Luca
3. Tom
4. Louis/Luis ???(Germans don´t like French people and vice versa)
5. Jonas
6. Lucas/Lukas ???(Unless Germans have discovered One Tree Hill ...)
7. Ben
8. Finn/Fynn ???(What is this all about)
9. Julian
10. Paul

Despite the names Lucas, Jonas and Paul, I believe most Germans do not know that these names are somewhere mentioned in that big book on the night table that has never been opened! I am also somewhat surprised at the lack of turkish names, since they are definately populating the country...more than the 1 child policy of the Germans. My mother having made an exception.

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