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Thursday, September 16, 2004


Not to me, but to my sister. Her name is Steffi and she is 3 years younger than I. Despite the amazing news that Iceland has a new Prime Minister, my sister managed yesterday to press a little human being out of herself. For the third time! Little did she know it was going to be a lot tougher than usual, because this time the tiny one had a weight of 4690 g, and a headspan of 36 cm. Just thinking about that makes my head spin. There were minor complication with the little one, too little oxygen and swollowing of -that fluid inside the mothers womb -but mother and daughter are in good health now.
Baby Girl Marie Sophie, born on the 15th of september at 08.25
52 cm long
4690 grams
36cm headspan
delivery a little over an hour

Marie Sophie is the sister of: Anja (6 years) and Jessika (3 years). Welcome to the world little Marie Sophie!
Coincidently, the name Marie Sophie was the name of our great grandmother and a favourite choice of mine, when I would give birth to a girl. Strangely enough I never told my sister about it and when talking to her on the phone last night, she said:´our great grandmother was called that? Strange! Well I did not pick the name it was Marco (her boyfriend!)´ There you go!

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