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Monday, September 20, 2004

Chick Flicks:

Being female and enjoying an emotionally heart-throbbing movie experience as any other girl, I accepted the offer and went to see The Notebook last weekend. And I am ashamed to admit that I loved it, almost every minute of this 120 minutes film went straight into that blood filled vessel in my chest area. No twists, no turns, just simple straight forward romance. Additionally: the script was great and the atcing superb. http://www.thenotebookmovie.com/
The only bad things about these kind of romantic films is that they give girls the idea that there is something better out there, something they haven´t found yet...and then you go home and do the laundry and -as my friend Lisa would say-: "move on with the rest of your life." But those minutes when interchanging the main actress´s life with yours the belief of a greater happiness is formed...and that will last me until the next chick flick.

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