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Monday, August 23, 2004

Things have happened lately. My friend Lisa came to visit her home country again and I had such a busy scedule that I even felt at timeslike I have a social life. Three things I would like to mention in particular.

Lisa and I went to the game Icelandagainst Italy. We decided it last minute and were therefore standing for three hours. But it was sooo worth it. For the first time I felt something like icelandic national pride inside my bones. It was amazing and we won 2:0, it could have easily been 3 or 4 : 0. Additionally I was there when a new record entered the books, 20.204 manns voru á vellinum. Áfram Island (klapp klapp klapp).

A couple of days ago, me and the boyfriend decided to climb Esja. Something was wrong when we went up there, all the people that past us had hiking boots and sticks and looks of experience on their faces...but we ignored it and moved on. When I started to slip it dawned upon me that proper shoe wear might not have been a bad idea (I was in a tiny black shoe purchased in Zara!)
When we were almost on the top (like 15 minutes) I decided to sit down and give in, it was too slippery and I am slightly terrified of dying. The boyfriend decided to climb all the way and I remained with my back pack. After 5 minutes of just feeling awful, I decide to go up there. after all I haven´t made it this far and just simply give up. Besides, I´d never hear the end of it. My boyfriend would bring it up in every conversation possible. So I went up there, amost sh.... in my pants and made it.
Rock_climber But tell you what...the way down was even more difficult for me. I was basically on my arse trying to slide down using my feet as tools for breaking. One should just have run all the way down. But now that I made it, I am proud and covered in muscle ace all over. It was a beautiful day and great pictures of the adventure remain. Will I do it again? Of course not, now that I know how far it is to get up there.

As a goodbye to my friend we decided to dine in Perlan. This was my second time and I thought it would be just as amazing as the first time. However, I did not consider the season. First time I went was in winter and it was dark and the lighting was just amazing. It looked like a starlit sky. Now it is summer and the sun decided to shine until 9 o´clock. It was nice, and the food was good, but it was still very different. I also suspect that the prices during the summer go up. For everyone who wants to do the Perlan exerience, do it in the winter! Unless you would like a trip down memory lane and enjoy the fanatstic scenery.

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