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Saturday, August 28, 2004

There is a wedding coming up today at 17 o´clock. To do the appropriate thing, the boyfriend and I went to Kringlan to look for a nice gift - I usually choose something I would like and since my taste is fabulous ...it never can go wrong really-and a nice looking present was in our hands 30 minutes later. Than something strange happened. While the lovely old lady wrapped our present -and let me tell you, old ladies can get very wrapped up in the packing department- a couple came in asking for one of those "brúðhjónalista" (a very nice invention to be sure). When asked for the name of the happy couple to be, they only knew the bridegroom´s name and desperately tried to remember the name of the bride -without success! Well, the list was found anyway, there are just so many guys called Pétur who are getting married this weekend. My question is...If you do not know the name of the bride, why bother going to the wedding? I kinda have this fancy idea that you invite to your wedding those loved ones that you want to share your day of joy with, but I am told it is one of those Icelandic things...you just have to invite the whole clan...and that might be people you have never met. So it goes... I better get prepared for some small talk which I can use during the wedding feast tonight...and the weather is not offering an extensive discussion topic today...hmmm?

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