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Monday, July 26, 2004

I am back from Germany, and it sucked big time...but that´s just life I guess. The weather, family stuff and just German people can really do your head in!
I had to develop certain opinions. Until recently I resented going shopping for clothes in Iceland...especially on Laugavegur! When you enter the stores, the sales people look at you as if you have been lost on your way to Hagkaup. After a few seconds of looking you up and down you are greeted with a stare that indicates absolute indifference. Sometimes I actually make the effort and find some overprized clothes I like...but when I get close to the counter I am very likely to interfere a conversation about the last party between the employees or interrupt the staff talking to their phones. On one such occasion...I dropped my pile of 15.000 Kr and left the store. A girl has to make her point!
Fianlly I went to Germany and looked forward to go shopping, after all German people are hard working and the stuff is a lot cheaper. Little did I know! Just on my train ride from the airport I was introduced to the most impolite "guy on the train that sells and checks the tickets". It has been some time since I´ve been in Germany, so I wasn´t sure about the stops to my fianl destination and ventured to ask the guy if he knew, how many stops until I have to get off the train. He said "yes" and made movements to continue his route. I was buffled...I just had purchased an extremely expensive ticket and I needed coffee after the flight... Naturally I tried to stay calm and asked if it wouldn´t be to much trouble to tell me how many stops. With an enormous gesture he produced some kinda mechanical apperatus-with a side look he transmitted the notion that I am a) stupid not to know my stops and b) would never be able to work a little train computer like his. I spent the rest of the ride thinking about the things I should have said! Great start...
Shopping ain´t any different in the country of people with the weirdest hairdo. Whenever you enter a somewhat classier store, the staff will corner you immediately and ask what the hell it is that you want...I am paraphrasing! The person is so intimidated that it a) picks the next best thing or b) leaves the store immediately. When you dare go through the store there will always be some eyes following your every move...I felt like a suspect that hasn´t even commited a crime yet.
The question remains...would I like to be greeted with outright indifference or pure accusation when I enter the store??? Well, I better learn to tailor my own suits. 

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