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Thursday, May 20, 2004

When I went to the bakery a couple of days ago I saw an advertisement about some Yoga for free! I thought that would bring laughter into my life and called a friend. Yesterday evening we went and I did not laugh. I was very impressed!I am a very earth bound person and usually don´t go for the whole open your spiritual stomach-kinda thing! But this one was different! It is called Sahaja Yoga and has foundations in medicine and logic. IT actually makes sense at times! I like that:) I don´t want to sound like some kind of gospel guru, but it was really relaxing and nice. And I thought to myself... Life is a habbit that is hard to break, so I better make it a nice habbit. And if that means sitting around with some really nice people quietly for an hour and just relaxing, well that is what I am going to do. And let´s face it who wouldn´t benefit from a couple of minutes just to yourself with a lovely cup of tea afterwards ??? I would like to use this oportunity to say that it is very important to think of yourselves sometimes. Have a nice day everybody!I am almst tempted to say "and enjoy the loving spirit around you", but I won´t! :)

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