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Monday, February 23, 2004

Here I am. Finished teaching my first lesson. God help me! To do this as a future career- every day? I was so nervous all night. Couldn´t fall asleep. Checked my clock every half an hour... The topic of the lesson was Ferlisrítun. I guess I was quite ambitious to try to put it into one lesson. But it went ok. I had four groups and all those were different. Group nr. 1 rally competitive and active, group nr.2 really interested, group nr.3 couldn´t care less and group nr. 4 tried their best. Really funny....and of course the occasional attitude problem teachers have to endure. But I think I did good. To plan a perfect lesson ,however, seems impossible. So many tiny things happen all the time and the students seem to have an endless resource of questions, problems and misunderstandings. Very difficult to anticipate everything.

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